about sophie H

SOPHIE H is born from Sophie Hubert’s desire to redefine her wardrobe using qualitative, modern and timeless pieces as well as the difficulty to find elegant pieces made in respect of our social and ecological environment.

SOPHIE H’s interpretation of fashion and style is all about staying ourselves. This is why Sophie H pieces are carefully designed to enhance any wardrobe and allow the expression of everyone’s natural beauty. Self-taught and driven by passion, Sophie can rely on her artistic sensitivity inherited from her French mother, who worked as dressmaker.

Sophie grew up in an organic pioneer family – her father launched an organic shop back in the 70’s, well before the actual trend – and adopting a sustainable approach was therefore obvious to her. This explains why SOPHIE H is proud to use a maximum of quality organic, natural or recycled fabrics and to have its production made in France or, in any case, within Europe.

The SOPHIE H collections can also be seen as a sustainable and elegant alternative to fast fashion thanks to a careful selection of high-quality materials, as well as their careful, modern and timeless cuts.

She is used to say that her efforts are driven by the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”